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Linking websites owned and run by ekei labs to other portals is, per principle, authorized to all. However, depending on the content and way of utilization ekei labs may request termination of said usage, case by case. For further information please refer to “Cautions on usage of links”. ekei labs does not guarantee proper usage of links to our website by third-party websites, as ekei labs does not control nor check these third-party websites. Therefore, ekei labs refrains from being held accountable for damage caused by or from third-party websites using our links.

Cautions on usage of links

ekei labs strongly prohibits links to our website being placed on websites with the following content.
-Websites violating public order or morals acknowledged by society
-Websites violating all relevant laws on trademark, logo, service marks, privacy and portrait/image rights, industry guidelines and laws on protection of information of private nature.
-Websites presenting or encouraging dissocial behaviour or are associated with such.
-Websites containing adult material and content in written, visual or audio form.
-Websites containing slandering comments or content on ekei labs (all of their partners and affiliates included) or artists associated with us through contracts; as well as any content regarded as damaging to our company brands
-Websites containing material of other nature which can be viewed as damaging to ekei labs and its brand from an objective point of view. We ask parties who wish to use links to our website to adhere to the following rules.
-When using a link that directs to any of our websites, please make sure to embed it as such that it opens a new browser window and switches to full-screen.
-Please refrain from embedding links under malicious intentions.
-Please refrain from interfering with other parties from accessing or seeing our websites.

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