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biomarkers to track your speed of ageing

better understand your immune system and inflammatory state

Glycans are like a sugar coat surrounding your proteins. They respond to lifestyle choices such as nutrition, hormone changes, or even fitness habits.
By studying their shape, we can give an accurate estimation of your biological age and the inflammation state of your body. Ageing is heavily related to inflammation, making glycans analysis a wonderful tool for optimizing your longevity strategy.

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visualise your ageing vectors

Visualisation is key in optimisation.Directly connected to your biological age analysis, this unique digital interface is your most powerful tool to conquer ageing.ekei gives you a comprehensive overview of both your biological age and ageing speed to maximise your lifestyle choices.

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unique algorithm for longevity habits

integrate longevity into your daily life

The easiest solution to follow cutting-edge longevity protocols.
‍Receive tailored lifestyle recommendations based on your metrics and peer-reviewed scientific research.
Adopt lasting longevity habits, track their results and get rewarded.

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curated longevity supplements

longevity supplements each month in your letterbox

Conquer ageing with your longevity nutraceuticals, curated just for you.
We provide a longevity supplements subscription based on your biological profile.
Cover your ageing vectors with the latest longevity innovations.

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ekei builds your longevity framework

longevity protocols & supplements
curated just for you

track your progress, gain rewards

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prepare your best ageing

Ageing is unavoidable but you can influence the process. Build your longevity strategy now with ekei.

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optimise your lifestyle

Acquire unique metrics on your lifestyle habits and receive recommendations with traceable results.

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be a longevity pioneer

Explore the latest achievements in ageing science with exclusive longevity contents, challenges, and products.

precision health at home

discover your biological age with GlycanAge technology

ekei collaborates with trailblazing start-up GlycanAge to offer you the best biological age test you can have from home.
Using a unique glycan analysis, GlycanAge provides you an estimation of your biological age, pace and inflammatory index.

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